Frequently Asked Questions

The Great American Coin Group LLC does not guarantee any specific delivery date for any package. Our only guarantee is that we will ship an item within 0-3 BUSINESS days by the class chosen by the customer. Delivery dates posted by our website - and by the USPS or other carriers are "Estimated Dates" only. The Great American Coin Group LLC does not provide shipping refunds nor do we coordinate with the USPS or other carriers on behalf of the customer when a package does not arrive by the estimated delivery date. The Great American Coin Group LLC and are not responsible for packages delivered late by any carrier.

Grading is a system of determining the state of preservation and wear of a coin. It consists of a 70-point scale and an abbreviation for an adjective appended for clarity. These abbreviations include VF for “Very Fine”, EF for “Extremely Fine” and MS for “Mint State.” However, uncirculated coins are always referred to as Mint State on the grading scale.

Silver bullion is silver that comes in the form of bars, coins or rounds. The most common silver bullion coins are American Eagles and Canadian Maple Leafs. The cheapest way to buy silver bullion is in the form of silver bars. However, many investors prefer coins to bars because they are minted and offer greater flexibility when it comes time to sell.

Precious metals are some of the most lucrative assets for any collector. Unlike the stock market, buying gold and silver can be insurance against a turbulent economy. Because the value of precious metals tends to fluctuate over time, it’s important to consider current market trends before buying or selling any gold or silver.

The easiest and cheapest way to protect your coin collection is by using cardboard coin holders. These holders have circular holes that fit the coin exactly and hold it firmly in place. Underneath each hole is a date and/or description of which coin belongs there. You can also purchase coin slabs or plastic covers for added protection.

If you need to return or exchange an item, please follow these instructions:

• Returns must be made within 7 days from the date of receipt.

• Make sure your name, address and return authorization number are stated clearly on the return address portion of the package, and please include a copy of your shipping invoice.

• If you ship from a mailing center, they typically use their address, so be sure to request that your address be featured.

• There are no returns, exchanges, or refunds on genuine United States coins, unsearched lots of coins, or slabbed/professionally graded coins, United States silver and gold certificates, Federal Reserve notes, international currencies or world banknotes.

• It is the responsibility of the buyer to inspect all merchandise upon receipt. If there is an issue with any shipment sent by the Great American Coin Group LLC, including; damaged or defective merchandise, missing item(s), or incorrect order/shipping error, the Great American Coin Group LLC must be notified within 7 business days of receipt of package.

• For Returns, address the securely wrapped, insured package to:
Great American Attention: Returns 11301 W Olympic Blvd., STE 609, Los Angeles, CA 90065

• The Great American Coin Group LLC does not refund for original shipping charges

• For products returned that fall outside our stated return policy, the Great American Coin Group at its discretion may decide to refuse the return, or institute a 10-30% restocking fee.

Zimbabwe banknotes sold by the Great American Coin Company® are sold as collectibles and are not considered currency. Zimbabwe bank notes consist of former currency from the Republic of Zimbabwe. The Republic of Zimbabwe is currently on the United States Dollar standard. The Zimbabwe notes sold by the Great American Coin Company®, including the 10 Trillion Dollar Zimbabwe Note, The 50 Trillion Dollar Zimbabwe Note and the 100 Trillion Dollar Zimbabwe Note have no currency value and are considered collectible/novelty items only. The Great American Coin Company® does not provide guidance for future prices, nor do we comment on rumors in the market place related to this or any product. Great American Coin Company prices for Zimbabwe Banknotes are based on current market prices which are determined by supply and demand. We recommend that any buyer of this item takes time to educate themselves regarding this product prior to purchase. Purchasing of Zimbabwe Banknotes for any reason other than collecting is highly speculative and is not endorsed or recommended by the Great American Coin Company. The Great American Coin Company does not guarantee any future price or value for Zimbabwe notes. The buyer takes sole responsibility for the purchase of Zimbabwe Banknotes from the Great American Coin Company.

International currencies sold by Great Am Coin including but not limited to the Indonesian Rupiah, the Vietnamese Dong and the former currency of the Republic of Zimbabwe are highly illiquid. Due to this, price declines or increases may be significant and/or rapid. Great Am Coin does not guarantee that we will act as buyer for any of these currencies in the future. PLEASE BE ADVISED it is the opinion of Great Am Coin that Zimbabwe Banknotes will NEVER be money again and consist of collectible former banknotes only.

The Great American Coin Company® accepts Visa, American Express, MasterCard and PayPal for payment as well as wire transfers.

The Great American Coin Company® at its discretion may request additional information from a customer prior to shipping. The Great American Coin Company® may request a valid State issued ID or Passport, as well as any additional information deemed appropriate. If additional information is requested, your purchase price will remained locked and will not change.

Well, that depends on the particular coin. All coins are graded according to their condition, or how much wear or damage the coin has suffered. Other factors coin collectors consider are the base metal, rarity and mint mark. Given these circumstances, we would have to look at your coin to accurately determine its value.

Most U.S. circulated coins have their denomination and date engraved. Using a magnifier, locate these markings. Then look them up in the U.S. Coins Red Book. This book includes a detailed description of every U.S. coin as well as their retail value at the time the book was printed. However, this is the buy price, which is more than a dealer will pay you for the particular coin. If you have troubles identifying the coin contact a coin dealer.

The Silver American Eagle is unique in that it’s the only silver bullion coin whose weight, content and purity are guaranteed by the U.S. Government. It contains one troy ounce of silver, which is 99.9% pure and is legal tender. The Eagle’s price is based on the current market “spot price” plus a dealer premium per coin, as well as the collectible value of the coin if an older date.

Each year, the U.S. Mint offers uncirculated, proof coin sets. Made of silver and other precious metals, these sets commemorate the history of our Nation along with the heritage of coin collecting. Proof sets make the perfect addition to any coin collection, and great gifts too!

Yes, the Great American Coin Company offers a wide selection of old United States and international gold and silver coins as well as any specific rare dates you may be interested in. If there is a particular coin/date you do not see on our website, please contact us. We would be happy to help.

It is the responsibility of the buyer to ensure that their shipping information is accurate. If a package is returned to the Great American Coin Group LLC, the Great American Coin Group LLC will provide a full refund to the buyer less any shipping charges incured by the Great American Coin Group LLC. The Great American Coin Group LLC may at its discretion choose to reship the product or provide a full refund.

In regards to a 'Global Revaluation' or 'RV' of international currencies versus the US Dollar, the Great American Coin Company® has seen no evidence indicating that this is in any way genuine. It is the postion and opinion of the Great American Coin Company®, that with the exceptions of normal currency fluctuations, that no 'Global Revaluation' of currencies will occur.

The Great American Coin Company® does not accept Cash, Checks or Money Orders. Additionally, the Great American Coin Company® does not provide a lay away program.

The Great American Coin Company® does ship some items internationally to specific countries, however, in order to mitigate fraud, the Great American Coin Company® will determine whether to complete any transaction on a case by case basis. The Great American Coin Company® recommends that international buyers choose PayPal at checkout and the Express Mail International option for shipping.