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Coin Collecting Libraries for Numismatics

2016-04-26 05:13:19

One of the first recommendations for someone getting serious about collecting coins and currency is to find some books on the subject and start reading.

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Celebrate National Coin Week – April 17-23 2016

2016-04-14 05:05:11

Face it, April is a really bad month for holidays. Since Opening Day of the baseball season isn’t a national holiday (though it really should be), the biggest one in April is Administrative Professionals Day (formerly Secretary’s Day) and frankly, it isn’t all that big, is it? But don’t despair because there’s occasion for a week-long party—National Coin Week is April 17-23 this year!

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The Curious Case of the Franklin Half Dollar

2015-11-25 13:32:02

The year is 1948, the great war is over, America is recovering and proceding into its next Golden Age, but there is a subtle tension that’s building on the horizon.

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The Complete Historical Guide to Silver Certificates

2015-11-25 13:08:52

Gold certificates, Federal Reserve Notes, US notes, all these notes always get so much attention. But, what about silver certificates? One of the most prolific certificates in US history, and one of the longest lasting legal tender notes next to Federal Reserve notes (US currency today).

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