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Collecting US Colonial Coins State-Issued Coins: New Jersey Coppers

2018-02-27 09:06:28

Representatives of the thirteen British colonies in North America gathered in Philadelphia in 1774 at the urging of Benjamin Franklin to address matters of local governance and grievances with British rule. Known as the Continental Congress, it met in three sessions, the second resulting in the Declaration of Independence from England on July 4, 1776, and in 1781 the third session produced the Articles of Confederation, the law of the new land until the US Constitution was ratified in 1789.

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The Modern Russian Ruble

2018-02-27 08:38:25

The ruble is the world’s second oldest currency after the British pound. It was also the world’s first decimal currency when it was divided into 100 kopeks in 1704. It has gone through three phases during its 600-plus years of existence, first as the currency of the Russian Empire (1547-1917), then the Soviet Union (1922-1991 as the Soviet ruble), and currently as the currency of the Russian Federation (1991-present as the New Ruble).

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What is My Old Dime Worth?

2018-02-27 08:37:26

Andrew Jackson’s presidency (1829-1837) was controversial, to say the least, and his legacy is still being debated today. But his distrust of central banks and paper money led to renewed interest in the design of US coins. It was a time of great expansion of US influence, both in North America and globally, and some thought our coinage should reflect it.

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Notorious Counterfeiters-Part 4

2018-02-19 17:00:51

The Postwar Years. The years after World War II saw a revival of small-time counterfeiters, most of whom have passed into obscurity. But three men became famous, one for his lack of greed, one for his mastery of counterfeiting, and one for the heinous acts that accompanied his counterfeiting.

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