Holiday Ideas: Give Millions for the Holidays

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Why settle for a few dollars’ cash when you can give away millions this holiday season?

Genuine, although discontinued, banknotes from countries like Zimbabwe are available in huge denominations from times when their national economies were crushed by hyperinflation, resulting in notes with denominations in the millions. Inflation in Zimbabwe got so bad that they even made notes denominated in trillions.

Tell Your Loved Ones They’re Worth a Million

A million-dollar (or larger) bill is sure to brighten the day of anyone receiving it. These mega-bills make great stocking stuffers and are a great way to tell someone how much they mean to you in a way that’s not likely to be forgotten.

Beautiful Keepsakes That Inform and Educate

Many of these banknotes are small works of art on their own. They can be displayed as conversation starters or mementos of travel to exotic locales. They show distant landmarks and famous people with fascinating stories behind them. And their mere existence is a lesson in fiscal responsibility.

Modern notes such as Russian rubles depict events of recent history like the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, making them great gifts for collectors as well as mementos of a special trip abroad. Discontinued Chinese yuan notes are also becoming prized collectibles.

Choices Abound

The Great American Coin Company offers a selection of world banknotes as novelty or collectible items only with no intrinsic value. Their value is based solely on market supply and demand, and as such can vary.

Here is a list of banknotes currently available from us, but check back often as our inventory is constantly changing.



Afghanistan Afghani Banknotes


Chinese Yuan


Indonesian Rupiah


Russian Rubles


Vietnamese Dong


Zimbabwean Banknotes

1-100 trillion

Note: Most of these currencies are no longer produced or have been devalued in favor of later issues. Others, like Russian rubles, may still be in circulation but were issued in limited release to commemorate a special occasion.

Look over our selection of world banknotes and pick the ones that send the message you want. Or hold on to them as part of your collectible currency collection.



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