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Gifts of gold have been a sign of respect and affection for thousands of years. Kings and princesses have been showered with it. Lovers have been adorned in it.

But what if you can’t afford a king’s ransom. or the object of your affection isn’t a fashionista?

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to give a gift of gold that suit all circumstances and budgets. Here are some ideas.

Gold Coins

There’s something about holding a gold coin that’s hard to describe. It’s beautiful, it’s valuable, and it simply feels luxurious. There’s a heft to it that’s hard to replicate. And luckily enough, giving one can be both easy and affordable.

A more or less standard size of gold coins is one ounce, but at around $1,300 per ounce, that can be out of reach for many buyers. But don’t despair, the US and other mints as well as private mints and refiners offer gold coins in half-, quarter-, and tenth-ounce sizes, some for under $150.

Choices abound with commemorative, collectible, and bullion coins including American Eagles, Chinese Pandas, Canadian Maple Leaves, and the original Gold Krugerrands of South Africa.

Gold Bullion

By definition, a coin is an item of legal tender issued by a government with a specific monetary value. While that’s often stretched to include any coin-like objects, other products are presented as simply fixed amounts of a precious metal…in other words as bullion. Their value is based on the market price for the metal, and they’re intended as investments rather than collectibles.

But that doesn’t diminish their value as gifts. After all, what’s cooler, a piece of paper with a number on it or a hunk of gold?

Both government and private mints make bullion “coins,” and private mints also offer gold and other precious metals in bullion sizes ranging from doorstoppers costing tens of thousands to tiny 1/10 gram “mini bars: for under $10.

Thoughts Count…So Give It Some Thought

Gifts are expressions of sentiment and the thoughts and feelings behind it. In many cultures, money is considered a very personal gift. And sometimes, it’s simply a nice, convenient way to show you care. Small amounts are even used as stocking stuffers.

Regardless of the amount, why not turn your gift into something memorable that will be treasured for years to come? Why not give the gift of gold?

The Great American Coin Company offers gold coins and gold bullion in sizes to suit any gift-giving budget. Visit our website to see the many ways we can solve your gift-giving needs.



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