25000 Iraqi Dinar Banknotes IQD Uncirculated

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25,000 Iraqi Dinar Banknote Uncirculated

Genuine Iraqi Dinar Banknotes - 25,000 denomination. All notes are in uncirculated condition. 




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Technical Specifications

Product ID:IQD.25k
Additional Packaging:COA Included With Order
Dates Minted or Printed:2020
Banknote Symbol:IQD
International Banknote Country:Iraq
Banknote Series:NA
Banknote Manufacturer:Bank of Iraq
Banknote Name:Dinar
International Banknote Name:Dinar
Grade:Very Fine

The Great American Coin Company does not provide investment advice nor do we comment on rumors in the market place regarding any item we sell.

Iraqi Dinar banknotes sold by the Great American Coin Company® are sold as collectibles only.


Great American Coin Company prices for Dinar Banknotes are based on current market prices which are determined by supply and demand.

In regards to a 'Global Revaluation' or 'RV', the Great American Coin Company® has seen no evidence indicating that this is in any way genuine. It is the position of the Great American Coin Company®, that with the exceptions of normal currency fluctuations, that no 'Global Revaluation' of currencies will occur.

We recommend that any buyer of this item takes time to educate themselves regarding this product prior to purchase.

Purchasing of Dinar Banknotes for any reason other than collecting is highly speculative and is not endorsed or recommended by the Great American Coin Company. 

The Great American Coin Company does not guarantee any future price or value for Iraqi Dinar.

The buyer takes sole responsibility for the purchase of Iraqi Dinar Banknotes from the Great American Coin Company.

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