Lot of 1,000 Uncleaned Roman Coins


The Great American Coin Company is pleased to offer an unopened bag of 1,000 genuine 2,000 year old Roman coins. We have a very limited quantity of these, which we purchase directly from excavations. These coins have been bagged on site, and shipped directly to us with no middle man. Who knows what coins you might find!

These uncleaned Roman coins date from approximately 100-200 AD, and were unearthed in southern Europe, specifically the modern day countries of Bulgaria, Croatia, Macedonia, and Serbia. The modern day countries of Bulgaria, Croatia, Macedonia, and Serbia correspond with the Roman provinces of Pannonia, Dalmatia, Moesia & Macedonia, respectively. As this area acted as a transit point between the Middle East and Northern Africa, the potential exists that the occasional ancient Islamic coin may be included in the lots provided. In addition, as the southern Roman provinces, particularly in the vicinity of Macedonia were also previously ancient Greece; the potential exists for the occasional ancient Greek coin to be found as well.

These coins have been sitting in the ground for up to 2,000. All coins are different, and will require significant cleaning. Coins vary from the size of an eraser head, to the size of a United States Quarter. Not all coins will be attributable. There are no returns on uncleaned Roman coins.

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