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Afghanistan Afghani Banknotes

We would like to note: The Great American Coin Company IS NOT selling the Afghanistan Afghani Banknotes on a speculation basis, we are a purveyor of numismatic collectibles and as such we are selling the Afghanistan Afghani Notes as collectibles only.

The Great American Coin Company does not provide investment advise.

In regards to a 'Global Revaluation' or 'RV' of international currencies versus the US Dollar, the Great American Coin Company® has seen no evidence indicating that this is in any way genuine. It is the position of the Great American Coin Company®, that with the exceptions of normal currency fluctuations, that no 'Global Revaluation' of currencies will occur.

For active currency orders greater than $1,000 in any 24 hour period, The Great American Coin Company® requires the following information prior to shipment:

1) Copy of State issued ID, Drivers License or Passport

2) Social Security Number, Tax ID, or EIN

3) Buyer Occupation

No Active Currency orders over $1000 will be shipped without the above referenced information. Active currencies are described as any currency that is still in circulation and has monetary value.

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