Front and back of .999 1/10 ounce Gold Australian Kangaroo coin..999 1/10 Ounce Gold Australian Kangaroo

Bullion investors often favor minted coins, especially those issued as legal tender by national mints, because they are precise in both their weight and purity and are easy to buy, store, and sell. But when a government goes the extra mile (or kilometer) and adds unique design elements, the coins often gain collectible value above their bullion weight. That’s the case with the Australian Gold Kangaroo coins, one of only two legal-tender gold coins that change their design every year. 

The Australian Gold Nugget (“Kangaroo”) Design

Officially called the Australian Gold Nugget, the coins are better known as Kangaroos due to the unique native marsupial’s presence on the coin’s reverse beginning in 1990. The face features a profile of British queen Elizabeth II, who is Queen of Australia even though the Australia Act of 1986 ended any British role in the government of the Australian States.

Coincidentally, 1986 is also the year that Australian Gold Nugget coins were first minted at the Western Territories Mint in Perth. While the Queen has maintained steadfastly on the face of the coins (as well as on the throne), the original reverse design featured depictions of two famous large gold nuggets discovered in Australia, the “Welcome Stranger,” found in 1869, and the “Poseidon”, from 1906. The ‘roos first hopped onto the coin’s back in 1990, and every year since, a new portrayal of the kangaroo has been done. The Queen, on the other hand, has changed her appearance only once, in 2000, when the Raphael Maklouf effigy of a young Queen Elizabeth was replaced with Ian Rank-Broadley’slikeness of a slightly older (more dignified?) sovereign. She hasn’t aged a day since. 

Gold Australian Kangaroo Coin Collectible Value

The collectible value of the gold Australian Kangaroos varies with their scarcity—the mintage numbers have varied each year—and the popularity of the coin’s kangaroo design. But all of the coins are .999 fine 24-carat gold, varying only by weight and design. The 1/10 troy ounce coin is roughly 16 mm (5/8 inch) in diameter and has 3.11 grams of bullion. The design of the coins are consistent over all denominations in a given year.

The Great American Coin Company® is proud to offer these beautiful .999 Fine 1/10 Troy Ounce Australian Gold Kangaroo coins in random dates to both collectors and bullion investors. Their annual design changes make them excellent collectibles as well as being a lower-cost way to acquire investment-quality gold bullion. They make great special-occasion gifts, too, but our supply is limited, so act now before this unique opportunity vanishes.

In addition to Australian Gold Kangaroos, The Great American Coin Company offers a wide selection of bullion coins and bars along with collectible U.S. coins and paper money and currency from around the world. We keep adding unique items as they become available, so be sure to visit us frequently. And while you’re there, be sure to visit our blog for interesting and timely articles about currency and precious metals.

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