1922-35 90% Silver Peace Dollar Circulated

1922-35 90% Silver Peace Dollar Brilliant Circulated

As the country struggled to put the horrors of World War I behind it, the United States joined other nations in adding a plea for peace to its currency. The result was a coin known today as the Peace Dollar.

Coin Design Inspiration

Winner of a competition among the top medalists of the day, designer Anthony de Francisco used his wife Teresa as a model to craft a beautiful portrait of Lady Liberty in a left-facing profile for the coin’s obverse, or face.

De Francisco submitted two designs for the coin’s reverse; one depicted an eagle breaking a sword defiantly in its beak that was initially favored by the federal Commission on Fine Arts. But when some complained it was too aggressive and could be considered a sign of defeat, the Commission went with a less controversial portrayal of an eagle perched on an outcropping of rock holding an olive branch and looking peacefully into a rising sun in the distance.

Mint and Coin Production

Only about a million coins were minted when production began on December 28, 1921, its first year of issue, making top-quality specimens some of the most valuable coins to collectors.

The Peace Dollar was issued annually thereafter until 1928, when production was discontinued due to low demand. Production was briefly resumed in 1934 and 1935, but with no further commercial demand anticipated, the master dies were destroyed at the start of 1936, making the Peace Dollar the last 90% silver U.S. dollar coin.

Peace Dollar Rarity

While circulated Peace Dollars are not particularly rare, millions were melted for their silver content over the years, lowering the number of remaining coins drastically. The combination of their artistic beauty, age, and historical significance have made them one of the more sought-after coins among collectors, especially in higher grades, so supplies are becoming more limited with the passing of time. Even heavily worn specimens sell well over their bullion price today.

The Great American Coin Company® is pleased to offer these special 90% silver Peace Dollar coins in grades from Brilliant Uncirculated to heavily circulated samples that still retain the coin’s beautiful design. 90% silver Peace Dollars are an important addition to any coin collection and are great gifts and mementos, as well.

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