Front and back of the 2016 Canadian Maple Leaf Superman Design in BU Condition.2016 Canadian Maple Leaf BU Superman Design

Only one person gets to wear an official “S” on his chest, a man sent to a Kansas farm from the planet Krypton as a baby to save him from his planet’s imminent destruction. He grew up to be the greatest superhero of all time, disguised as a mild-mannered reporter until he was called on to save the world—Superman!

But now you can have as many Superman mementos as you want in your collection. In mid-2016, the Royal Canadian Mint made a limited edition of one-ounce .9999 pure silver Superman Shield bullion coins as part of its DC Comics superhero coin series.

Canadian Silver Superman Shield Bullion Coins

This series followed the RCM’s hugely popular Star Trek series from earlier in the year and features several multi-color embossed images of scenes from DC’s heroes and heroines. But the Superman Shield coin stands out uniquely as a gleaming, pure silver beauty. 

Superman Silver Maple Leaf Coin Design

The Superman Shield silver coin features Susan Blunt’s right-facing portrait of Queen Elizabeth II on its face, as do all current Canadian legal tender coins. It’s surrounded by inscriptions of Elizabeth II, DG Regina, 5 Dollars (its face value), and the year 2016. On the reverse, Superman’s iconic “S” shield is centered over a multitude of finely engraved lines that radiate from behind it. It’s inscribed with Canada, 9999, Fine Silver, 1 Oz, and Argent Pur (French for Pure Silver). It also has the DC Comics trademarks and a security mark in the shape of a maple leaf with the number 16 micro-engraved on it.

Collect the Superman Shield Silver Bullion

The Great American Coin Company® is pleased to offer this beautiful Superman Shield silver bullion coin to collectors and investors. They are officially licensed 1 troy ounce bullion coins of 99.99% pure silver in Brilliant Uncirculated (BU) condition, individually packaged or in tubes of 25.

The Royal Canadian Mint only produced one million of the coins and they are exclusively available through dealers; the Mint does not sell bullion coins directly. We have a limited supply of Superman Shield coins and collectors are snapping them up. They are certain to sell out quickly at these great prices, so order now while they’re still available. Besides their collectible value, they make great gifts for comic book collectors and superhero fans of all ages.

2016 Canadian Superman Shield Silver Maple Leaf coins are just one of the many items of collectible currency from around the world that we carry, along with U.S. coins and paper money, that make welcome additions to any collector’s or investor’s portfolio and are great gifts for year-round giving. Our inventory is constantly changing, and some items sell out quickly, so be sure to check back often.

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