Mixed display of natural diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds.
Mixed Natural Diamonds, Rubies, Sapphires and Emeralds

Looking for something to light up a kid’s smilethis holiday? How about ancient bounty from pirates and explorers?The Great American Coin Company® has coins from exotic realms and gemstones guaranteed to bring a sparkle to a youngster’s eye. 

Replica Pirate Treasure

Pirates roamed the Spanish Main from for over 300 years, preying upon galleons carrying enormous wealth in the form of gold, silver, gemstones and other riches to Spain from Caribbean ports. You can surprise the youngsters—and oldsters, too—with some of that booty. The Great American Coin Company has replica pirate treasure in the form of Spanish reales and Portuguese escudos. It’s available as shiny metal looking like it was snatched straight from the vessel’s hold or tarnished coins salvaged from a sunken ship. 

Gemstones and Precious Stone Assortments

Our gemstones compliment the buccaneers’ loot nicely, or stand on their own as sparkling reminders that all that glitters isn’t gold. Choose from sapphires, emeralds, and rubies, or a mixed assortment that includes diamonds. All of the stones are faceted and ready to be set or simply admired for their beauty as-is.

Celtic Ring Money, Greek, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman Empire Coins

If your taste runs to the more exotic, we have authentic ancient Celtic Ring Money, as well as real Greek, Roman and Byzantine coins. Were they held by Caesar, Cleopatra…or one of your ancestors? If your family tree branches into the Middle East, Russia, or Central Europe, our genuine silver Ottoman Empire coins offer a connection to your heritage, as well.

Start a Holiday Adventure with Collectible Coins

These coins, gems, and artifacts offer a fascinating glimpse into historic times full of excitement and adventure and are a great way to stimulate conversations and tales of family history at gatherings of friends and relatives over the holidays.

They’re just part of Great American Coin’s extensive selection of currency from around the world as well as collectible U.S. coins and paper currency. But act now for holiday shopping because demand for these items is high and some may sell out quickly. We keep adding unique collectibles as they become available, so be sure to visit us frequently for year-round shopping. And while you’re there, visit our blog for interesting and timely articles about currency and precious metals.

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