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Pirate Coins

What are Pirate Coins?

Pirate coins are the goodies found in treasure chests. Pirates would steal and collect these coins. The most popular type of pirate coins are called doubloons.

What are Doubloons?


Doubloons date back to the 16th and 17th century Spanish economy. The name, stems from the Spanish word Doblón, which means double. Therefore, the value of a doubloon coin was doubled and sparked the interest of Pirates nationwide. These coins were often carried across the world to trade for highly sought after commodities such as silks and spices. Since they were often traveling on ships, and Pirates often robbed ships, they became a staple item when branding the pirate history.

Looking to start up your coin collection? Pirate coins are a great starting point. They come from a part of history nearly everyone can relate to. Whether it be admiring over Jack Sparrow and the Pirates of the Caribbean, or remembering the acts of ship hijacks, pirates are a topic of interest many can relate to. To own a little piece of rebellion and history is a cool feeling shared by many.

So, how do you get started?

Find a Treasure Chest

treasure chest
Find a Treasure Chest

First things first, you need to find a treasure chest. Make it unique and make it yours. Having a place to store your coin collection is crucial. It keeps all of your findings in one place. You can either go on an adventure to your local antique shop or purchase on of our already packaged starter kits. The treasure chests we offer come equipped with some pirate coins, so you are already one step ahead!

X Marks the Spot- Start building your Treasure:

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X Marks the Spot- Start building your Treasure

You will find that pirate coins come in different shades and colors. You will find that the majority of pirate coins are replicas. Don’t be discouraged. Replica coins are a constant reminder of what history used to be like. By collecting them, you are reminded of what coins in history used to be and used to look like. If replica coins didn’t exist, images of the real thing would be hard to come by, and would probably go extinct. You can customize your treasure chest as you see fit. Fun finds, artifacts, gems, and coins are all great additions to any collection.

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