Celtic Proto Ring Money
Celtic Proto Ring Money

As far back as the Bronze Age (around 3000-500 BCE) people in Europe and western Asia began developing means to facilitate commerce in ways other than item-for-item trading. This would eventually lead to the invention of money as we know it today, but before that, things like raw metals and gemstones served the purpose. One of those items was the Celtic Ring, a proto-currency made from metals like gold, copper and bronze. 

Dual Purpose Currency

These rings were often made as functional and decorative items like strap holders and clasps, giving them a dual purpose, sort of like a gambler tossing a silver belt buckle or Rolex into a poker pot today. While the rings were made in different sizes, the dimensions and weights were fairly consistent, giving further evidence they were used as currency. 

Authentic Celtic Ring Money, Rouelle’s and Arandela

The Great American Coin Company® is pleased to offer Celtic Proto Ring Money, often referred to as Celtic Ring Money, Rouelle's, or Arandela. We have these available in unsearched (and uncleaned lots), as well as individually. They represent some of the oldest antiquities available to coin and currency collectors. 

Unlike some sellers who represent their small bronze and copper rings as ring money, our Celtic Ring Money originates from the 2nd Century B.C. and is hand crafted by Celtic craftsmen. Other supposed ring money sold elsewhere has little or no provenance and could be merely be leftover rings from making chain mail armor and as late as Medieval in origin. 

Celtic rings are just one of many collectible items offered by The Great American Coin Company. ® Shop more currency from around the world and check back frequently, as we are always adding unique collectibles as they become available.

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