1992-S Olympic Baseball Silver Dollar Proof coin
1992-S Olympic Baseball Silver Dollar Proof

The Olympic Games have given rise to hundreds of commemorative coins, including 60 different issues by the U.S. Mint starting in 1983. Most have focused on Olympiads held in the U.S., but two sets of Olympic commemoratives were issued by the mint in 1988 and 1992 to celebrate the games in Seoul, South Korea and Barcelona, Spain, respectively.

Baseball had been played in the Olympics as early as the St. Louis games in 1904, but 1992 was the first year baseball was elevated to a medal sport. It was also the first time the National Pastime had been depicted on a U.S. coin, and the 1992 Olympic Baseball Silver Dollar is particularly interesting in that it actually sparked a minor controversy over its choice of design.

Coin Design Choice Sparks Controversy

When the mint decided to commemorate this most American of sports, the image of a pitcher in his windup was chosen as the design for the face. But shortly after its release, a number of people accused its designer of copying the image of Nolan Ryan from his 1991 baseball card. Artist John R. Deecken defended his work as a composite of a number of famous pitchers, and the card’s printer, the Fleer Corp., said that dozens of photos it had of pitchers used an almost identical pose. Thus the controversy ended, but it remains as an interesting side note that just adds to the coin’s collectability.

Collect the 90% Silver Proof 1992-S Olympic Baseball Dollar

The Great American Coin Company is pleased to offer this one-of-a-kind 1992-S Olympic Proof Dollar in 90% Silver. The proof version of the coin has a deep cameo contrast between the frosted design elements and the mirrored fields, a trait found only in uncirculated proof coins. Due to the dynamic nature of the silver price, the price may change without notice, but all of these coins consist of genuine 90% silver, and are guaranteed to be in proof condition.

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