This year’s theme for National Coin Week is “Connecting Cultures: From Many, One.” Building on the US motto E Pluribus Unum the theme recognizes the role of numismatics in building bridges and promoting unity across borders.

95 Years of Celebration

In 1923 American Numismatic Association (ANA) Governor Julius Guttag proposed an event to promote coin collection and numismatics, the study of coins. Since then National Coin Week has evolved into a week-long event in the third week of each April.

This Year’s Events

The ANA will host a variety of activities both online and at its Money Museum in Colorado Springs. They include:

  • A writing contest for ANA members about how numismatics creates unity
  • An online trivia challenge with prizes including coin proof sets and free ANA memberships. New questions will be released daily on the ANA’s social media channels and the event’s web page,
  • The Coin Club Trivia Challenge where member clubs compete for prizes
  • Bridges on Coins, a children’s contest where they’re challenged to name bridges depicted on coins and currency from around the world
  • An open house at the Money Museum in Colorado Springs on Saturday, April 21. Admission is free that day and will include activities for children and adults and the minting of the 2018 National Coin Week medallette in the museum’s Mini-Mint

In a press release, Andy Dickes, ANA collections manager says, “Symbolism is often an important part of designs on coins and currency. For example, the first coins struck …at the United States Mint in 1793 were large copper cents …and the “tails” side design…depicted a chain with 13 links forming a circle. It symbolized the unity of the 13 original colonies.”

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