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Since we have one of the most extensive coin catalogs on the Internet, we’re offering you extremely rare gold coins, available in limited quantities. These coins are pre-1933, and they come from a time when the great countries of the world were operated on gold standard. AKA, all paper money was backed by real gold. We offer three different coins with five different options total – and although they’re similarly priced, there’s a lot to know about each. You can buy any of the coins below here.

British Sovereign

The Sovereign is a gold coin used in the UK, and it is still produced today. It is fairly small, with a 22mm diameter. It was designed in 1817, and largely produced until World War I. After World War I until 1932, the Sovereign was produced only at branch mints – Sydney, Perth, Ottawa, etc. The only exception was in 1925 – some were produced in London. It was after 1932 that there was a large (35 year) gap in production.

These coins are often counterfeited – don’t take your chances. This is a coin worth investing in to improve your investment portfolio.

Swiss 20 Franc

Nicknamed the “Swiss Miss”, there are actually two types of the Swiss 20 franc. This is one of the most famous coins in Switzerland’s history.

The first one has a head of liberty, with the words “Confederatio Helvetica” along the sides, almost circling the obverse of the coin. This type was issued 1886 – 1896.

The second coin also appears fairly standard. But then you realize the Swiss Alps in the background, and the word “Helvetia” over Vreneli’s head. This word refers to the region in central Europe named by the Romans, because there were a predominant number of Celtic inhabitants. This coin ceased as legal tender in 1936.

French 20 Franc (Rooster and Angel)

The obverse of this coin features the head of the Third Republic. Written around it are the words “Republique Francaise”, which as you could probably guess, means something similar to “Republic France.” The “First French Republic” is what it really means, founded on September 22nd, 1972. The obverse of the coin shows a rooster. The rooster is an unofficial national symbol of France. The original production of these coins was 1898 – 1914.

This coin is an example of how the obverse side can actually look like a reverse. The obverse shows the guardian angel writing the French Constitution. As you’ll also notice, there’s a rooster right next to the image. The same writing as on the 20 Franc Rooster is above the guardian angel.

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