65th Anniversary 100 Vietnamese Dong Banknote 2016 Uncirculated
65th Anniversary 100 Vietnamese Dong Banknote 2016 Uncirculated

After a long history of conflict and hyperinflation, Vietnam seems to be stabilizing its economy and attracting foreign investment to go along with a booming tourist business. To celebrate this hopeful future, the Vietnamese government has issued a commemorative 100-dong note in celebration of North Vietnam’s creation of a central bank in 1951.

Colorful Design to Celebrate Vietnamese Culture, Landmarks and Emerging Economy

At an exchange rate of over 22,000 dong to one U.S. dollar, the note has negligible monetary value, but it continues Vietnam’s tradition of designing and printing beautiful banknotes with intricate, colorful artwork depicting Vietnamese culture and landmarks.

The commemorative note is intended as a souvenir to promote Vietnam’s emerging economy rather than for use as currency. It’s printed in multiple tones of vibrant yellow, purple, and pink with deep red lettering and the number 65 prominently featured in blue on the bill’s face along with a portrait of the late president Ho Chi Minh. The reverse carries an image of the Vietnam State Bank headquarters superimposed over several culturally symbolic icons. 

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