We’ve been extolling the virtues of coin collecting in these pages for years. But you don’t just have to take our word for it. Coin blogger Joshua (just Joshua) tracked down ten notable figures who are (or were) avid numismatists for an article on Fun Times Guide. Here they are!

John Quincy Adams

John Quincy Adams followed in his father’s footsteps as the sixth president of the United States. He was also one of the country’s earliest and most prominent coin collectors.

Tony Blair

Known to be an avid coin collector, former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair can count among his holdings a set of Russian coins sent to him as a parting gift when he left office by Vladimir Putin.

Jerry Buss

LA Lakers owner, real estate mogul, and championship poker player Jerry Buss also found time to build an impressive coin collection that included gems like a 1913 Liberty nickel and an 1804 Draped Bust silver dollar.

Buddy Ebsen

Best known for his role as Jed Clampett on the Beverly Hillbillies, veteran actor Buddy Ebsen was an enthusiastic coin collector with tremendous respect for history behind his collection.

Wayne Gretzky

When he’s not tending to his restaurants and winery, retired hockey legend and Hall-of-Famer Wayne Gretzky collects rare coins to go with the considerable number of regular ones he gathered during his playing years.

Thomas Jefferson

Our third president began collecting coins and currency from around the world as inspiration for the country’s new coinage. In 1806, he donated his 20-year collection to the American Philosophical Society.

James Earl Jones

Whoda thunk Darth Vader was a coin collector? Well, he is and has even narrated a fascinating documentary called “Money: History in Your Hands.” You can watch it on YouTube.

Nicole Kidman

Oscar-winning actress Nicole Kidman is among coin collectors with a star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame.

Penny Marshall

Rumor has it that Laverne & Shirley star and film director Penny Marshall is numbered among the celebrity coin collectors. The lady’s no schlemiel in our eyes!

Franklin D. Roosevelt

The president who shepherded us through the Great Depression and most of World War II was also a coin collector. His portrait has appeared on the dime since 1946 in tribute to his support of the March of Dimes, a campaign to eradicate polio, the disease he suffered for most of his life.

Coin collecting has long been known as The Hobby of Kings. Now you know it’s the Hobby of Celebrities, too.

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