In a desperate final attempt to rescue its currency from hyperinflation, in early 2009 the Zimbabwe government revalued its dollar for the fourth time. Known as the “Fourth Dollar,” the new currency represented a one-trillion-to-one devaluation of the “Third Dollar,” which had already been devalued twice before.

Barely two months later, the Zimbabwe dollar was effectively abandoned as an official currency, and business was transacted in more stable U.S., European, Asian, and other African currencies. By 2015, the Zimbabwean dollar was officially demonetized, leaving it as a relic of an economy gone horribly wrong. 

Collectible 1-100 2009 AA Series Uncirculated Zimbabwe Dollar Notes

The Great American Coin Company® is pleased to offer a limited number of 1-100 2009 AA Series Uncirculated Zimbabwe dollar notes as collectible or novelty items.These are crisp new notes that represent the final chapter in a 30-year saga of economic mismanagement.

Complete Selection of Zimbabwe Banknotes

We have a wide selection of both uncirculated and circulated Zimbabwe banknotes in denominations up to 100 trillion dollars—including some with certified grading by Paper Money Guarantee (PMG), a member of the Certified Collectibles Group. They make nice additions to currency collectors’ portfolios, mementos of an African journey, or as novelty items for imaginative gift-giving. They are sold as novelty or collectible items only and have no monetary value. Their prices are based solely on market supply and demand, and as such can vary.

Look over our complete selection of Zimbabwe banknotes and pick the ones that send the message you want. Or hold on to them as part of your international currency collection.

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