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Bag $100 Face - 1922-1935 - 90% Silver Peace Dollar Cull


Bag $100 Face - 1922-1935 - 90% Silver Peace Dollar Cull - Special commemorative dollar of peace after World War I


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BAG $100 FACE - 1922-1935 - 90% SILVER PEACE DOLLAR CULL

The obverse side shows the profile, facing left, of a Lady Liberty with radiating crown. The reverse shows a bald American eagle clutching an olive branch and is perched on a rock that has the inscription "Peace" written on it. The Lady Liberty was modelled by Teresa, wife of Italian immigrant Anthony de Francisci who won the contest for the design of the peace dollar which was based on the actual statue of Liberty.

Bag $100 Face - 1922-1935 - 90% Silver Peace Dollar Cull. Coin will be in CULL condition and may have any of the following defects - Cleaned, Dented, Dinged, Excessive Wear, Staining, Scratches, Etc.

Technical Specifications
Product ID: Peace.Dol.Bag.100.Cull
Coin Type: Peace Dollar
Coin Grade: Cull
Denomination: $1
Mint Mark: No Mint Mark
thickness: 3.1 mm
diameter: 38.1 mm
Metal: 90% Silver
Bullion Type: Bag
Bullion Weight: 77.34 troy oz - Varies
Fineness: 0.9
Edge: Reeded
Bullion Manufacturer: United States Mint
Tube/Roll Quantity: 20
Additional Packaging: Canvas Coin Bag
Obverse Designer: Anthony de Francisci
Reverse Designer: Anthony de Francisci
Dates Minted or Printed: 1921-1935
Mintage: 100+ Million
Currency Symbol: USD
International Currency Country: United States

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