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Unsearched Roll of 40 Silver War Nickels - 35% SILVER
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Unsearched Roll of 40 Silver War Nickels - 35% SILVER

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Roll of 40 Unsearched Silver War Nickels In Circulated Condition.

The Great American Coin Company is proud to offer America's most expensive nickel - THE SILVER WAR NICKEL.  During World War II, the United States faced a nickel shortage, as silver was plentiful at the time, the US Mint made the difficult choice to change the metal content of the US Nickel.  The United States Mint reduced the nickel content, and made the nickel 35% silver.  Due to this, the coins oxidize quickly, and it is extremely difficult to find a shiny war nickel.  The majority of Silver War Nickels are in private collections or melted down for their silver content during the last silver spike in 1980.  Very few remain on the open market for collectors', and they are disappearing fast!! This may be the final opportunity to obtain these cherished pieces of Americana at the current price.

All lots will consist of a mixture of Silver War Nickels dated from between 1942-1945, in good to extra fine condition.  All Great American Coin Company coin lots are unsearched, so you never know what coins you may find in rolls.