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Pirate Treasure Chests & Locks

View: Mixed Loose Natural Faceted Gemstones

Mixed Loose Natural Faceted Gemstones

View: Treasure Chest Stuffed With Cursed Aztec Gold Coins - You Choose Quantity

Treasure Chest Stuffed With Cursed Aztec...

View: Treasure Chest Stuffed With Shiny Gold Doubloons

Treasure Chest Stuffed With Shiny Gold D...

View: Stand Alone Treasure Chest

Stand Alone Treasure Chest

View: Chest with 2,000 Year Old Roman Coins

Chest with 2,000 Year Old Roman Coins

View: BUILD YOUR OWN TREASURE CHEST - You Choose The Contents!! - Choose as many items as you like!


View: Antique Treasure Chest Lock & Skeleton Keys

Antique Treasure Chest Lock & Skelet...

View: Set of 5 Pirate Skeleton Keys

Set of 5 Pirate Skeleton Keys

View: Skull & Crossbones Nylon Pouch

Skull & Crossbones Nylon Pouch

View: Chest Filled With Pirate Coins & Gems

Chest Filled With Pirate Coins & Gem...

View: Treasure Chest of Genuine Silver U.S. Coins

Treasure Chest of Genuine Silver U.S. Co...

The Great American Coin Company is pleased to offer a wide selection of wood pirate treasure chests filled with all imaginable treasure.

Most of us have been fascinated at one time or another with the idea of buried pirate treasure. While children enjoy reading stories about pirate treasure, every once in a while you'll hear about an adult that is actually searching for it. Rumors, folklore, and old documents have inspired some people to devote years and thousands of dollars to searching for pirate treasure. Diving expeditions have been launched in the hope of plucking sunken pirate treasure from the bottom of the ocean. While the likelihood of discovering pirate treasure is equal to winning the lottery, it doesn't stop would-be treasure hunters from fantasizing about it, and sometimes attempting it. The public's fascination with pirate stories, pirate treasure, and pirates, in general, will undoubtedly continue for generations to come.

Need a treasure chest to make the pirate fantasy complete? Order a wood treasure chest stuffed with shiny gold doubloons or cursed Aztec gold coins. You can also get a stand-alone treasure chest to fill with the precious metals, gold coins, and sparkling jewelry plundered from the high seas. A treasure chest would provide that extra added touch for a special birthday present, a themed party, or the serious collector of pirate memorabilia. If a coin pouch isn't large enough to hold your pirate booty, a 6' by 4' treasure chest is the perfect solution. Imagine the look of delight when a treasure chest overflowing with 16th century shiny gold coin replicas is given as a gift.

A pirate treasure chest is an almost guaranteed way to spark the imagination of any young fan of the Pirates of the Caribbean or Treasure Island. Fill that pirate treasure chest with Long John Silver pirate gold doubloons, "Buried Treasure" gold doubloons, the "treasure coin", or the "Hispanola Ship" pirate gold coin, and you'll have the ingredients of cherished present. This compact pirate treasure chest is sized perfectly for the young pirate enthusiast. The pirate treasure chest will fit conveniently on a shelf, a nightstand, or a drawer. And, regardless of how long your child's pirate phase lasts, a pirate treasure chest will be a fond reminder of that phase for years to come. If you're at a loss for a "can't miss" present for a child fascinated with pirate lore, a pirate treasure chest may be just the ticket!

Please review our wide range of treasure chests. Choose to fill your pirate chest with gold doubloons, Aztec treasure coins, genuine vanishing United States 90% silver coins, or genuine 2,000 year old - uncleaned ancient Roman coins.

We will be adding a new variety of pirate treasure chests every week. If there is a specific treasure chest you wish to see featured on our site, please e-mail us. We will do our best to accommodate you.