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2008 $50 Gold Buffalo Replica


Lot of 5 - 2008 $50 Gold Buffalo Replica


Lot of 10 - 2008 $50 Gold Buffalo Replica


Lot of 25 - 2008 $50 Gold Buffalo Replica


Lot of 50 - 2008 $50 Gold Buffalo Replica


Lot of 100 - 2008 $50 Gold Buffalo Replica


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Product Description:

Thank you for choosing the Great American Coin Company.

A beautiful museum quality replica of the 2008 $50 USA Gold Buffalo replica coin.

Exact size - 32.7 mm in diameter

Reeded Edge

Coin coinsists of gold clad over .999 copper or brass


The Great American Coin Company is not endorsed by or affiliated with either the United States Government or the U.S. Mint.

All Great American Coin Company replica coins, reproduction coins, or copy coins comply with the US Hobby Protection Act - 15USC-2101, regarding the sale and manufacture of reproduction coins.

Unless stated as .999 silver replica coins, all gold and silver reproduction coins are plated. All our reproduction coins, replica coins, and/or copy coins are non-monetary and cannot be used as currency.