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1933 $20 Saint Gaudens Gold Double Eagle Proof Replica - Exact Size
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1933 $20 Saint Gaudens Gold Double Eagle Proof Replica - Exact Size

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Product Description:



This coin consists of a superbly crafted collectors Proof which pays tribute to one of the rarest and most expensive United States gold coins ever minted. This coin is a mirror image of the original.

Coin Specifications

  • .999 - 24 Karat Gold Layered
  • 34 Millimeters in Diameter
  • Individually Struck Proof Coin

The Fascinating History Of The 1933 $20 Gold Double Eagle

No 1933 $20 Saint Gaudens gold coins were ever allowed into circulation, at least not officially. A handful of these beautiful coins exist today. Because all original coins with this mintage were removed illegally from the U.S. Mint, the Mint has decided that ownership of this coin is illegal. In the very few instances when these coins have been brought to the open market for sale, they have been seized, some would say illegally, by the U.S. government. The only "legitimate" examples of this coin are owned or held by the United States government. However, in 2001, the U.S. government reached an agreement with the owners of the "Farouk-Fenton" specimen of the 1933 Double Eagle which allows the coin to be sold, thus making it the only example outside of government hands that is legally owned.

This coin was designed by Augustus Saint-Gaudens, and in general, the Saint-Gaudens Double Eagles are considered to be some of the greatest collectors pieces of all the United States gold coinage. The $20 gold piece is the largest denomination of all regular United States Mint issues. It was authorized by the US Coin Act of March 3, 1849, and was minted in Philadelphia, Denver, and San Francisco from 1907 to 1933. At a recent Auction, the Farouk-Fenton 1933 $20 Gold Saint Gaudens coin sold for $7,200,000. The highest price ever paid at auction for a United States minted coin.

The Saint Gaudens coin shows a stunning and proud Miss Liberty on the obverse, and a beautiful eagle in flight above the setting sun on the reverse. This is one of the most amazing coins ever minted in the United States.

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